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The question we get asked the most when someone is trying to decide what countertops they want is the difference between granite & quartz.  The main difference is that granite counters are mined from pure stone.  The stone is sawed into slabs and polished for installation.  Quartz countertops are manufactured from crushed quartz that is mixed with pigment for coloration and resin as a binder. 


Other than that, there are three main things to consider when you are trying to decide between granite & quartz.


Both are extremely durable.  Granite is sealed when it's installed and has to be resealed periodically, while quartz never has to be sealed.  That can sound a little scary if you're unfamiliar with the process, but it's EXTREMELY simple.  It's basically a product that you can spray or wipe on and that's it!  The only other difference is that most quartz manufacturers offer a limited lifetime warranty and, while sealing helps, granite is porous and quartz is not.  You can encounter surface staining with quartz, but it can be removed or resurfaced.



Since granite is natural it can vary in pattern, tone & hue-- even on the same slab.  There are a wide range of colors available from earth tones to blues, greens, and roses.  With quartz the colors and patterns are more consistent.  Quartz also comes in a wider variety of colors since the slabs are produced with pigments added.  Which you choose will depend on your personal style preference.


While some colors are similar in pricing, the starting price of granite is significantly lower than quartz.  We stock multiple colors of granite so that our customers can purchase only the square footage needed.  Otherwise, we have to purchase slabs and determine how many you'll need for your job.  What that means is that you will pay for the entire slab needed, no matter how much square footage you need from the slab. Our countertop salesperson will work with your to plan your project in the fewest amount of slabs needed so that you can stay within your budget.  We also have negotiated lower costs on many popular quartz colors, so no matter which you choose we can help!

We have accounts with all of the stone yards in our area and surrounding areas, so if you prefer to see a larger selection of stone we can point you in the right direction and have your slab(s) shipped to us for fabrication and installation.

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