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Let us help you budget and plan for your building project!  Follow these simple steps to get started:


  • Start thinking about the color scheme and general style you are hoping to achieve.  Our cabinet designer can help you narrow down your choices & choose the door style & color that is right for you.

  • Think about the types of items you need to store in each cabinet.  Decide if there are any cabinet pull-outs or inserts you’d like to include at some point.  You don’t have to purchase every single item upfront, but if we know you will one day want to have a spice pull-out we can make sure we put the type of cabinet that can accommodate that piece in your layout.

  • Gather your plans or email your pdf’s to us.  PDF versions of your plans can be emailed to  If you only have the paper version of your plans we would be happy to make copies so that we can begin drawing your cabinet layout. 


Once we have this information we can start drawing your cabinet layout.  We’ll provide 3D renderings for you so that you can see what your cabinets will look like and make decisions about what you’d like to see done differently. 


Call or come by to get started!

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